Coeur d’ Alene is a special place and we are happy to share it! Sometimes when living here I feel like I take it for granted. I especially feel like this when I have clients in town, specifically  from California, and they just can’t believe how affordable it is here, how naturally beautiful it is, and all it has to offer!


Huge differences between living in Idaho vs. California 



All taxes in Idaho are much lower than California, especially sales tax, property tax, and income tax! Our sales tax is only 6%, our property taxes are about 1% of the property value per year on average, and we also have a primary residence home owner exemption which helps in cost and knocks off $100,000 off the assessed value.



Im not going to lie,  sometimes Southern California weather sounds awesome, especially in the deep winter but North Idaho does have 4 gorgeous seasons for you to experience. We have a great summer, typically from June 1st to the end of September and summer brings lots of sunshine, boating, swimming, fishing, outdoor events, etc. Temps in the Summer are typically 70-100 degrees. Fall is typically from the 1st of October and can be short, we start to get snow typically around Thanksgiving. Fall is somewhat mild and the temps are usually between 40- 60 degrees. Winter is typically from the 1st of December and can run through the end of February, or sometimes even later. Typical winter temps can get cold, with a week or two around 0 degrees but is typically 20-40 degrees on average. Winters can get a little long here so what I recommend is to plan a warm/ tropical vacation sometime in January or February to help break it up. Spring starts in early March and is beautiful here, lots of green grass, trees, and flowers! Prepare for lots of rain and mud in the spring, thats how everything gets so green! Typical temps in the Spring range from 45-65 degrees. 



Traffic? What’s traffic? Just kidding, but really we don’t have very much traffic at all. The only time you will see a little surge in traffic here is Downtown when people are going to and from work, and during special events which draw large crowds to our area. Living/ Working here you typically will never have to sit in traffic during your commute, and if you do its a rare occurrence.


Real Estate Cost:

Based off my experience selling real estate, all of our homes here are much more affordable than ones in California, especially Southern. I have a friend that lives in Santa Monica and pays $5,000 a month to rent a 3 bedroom 2 bath home near the beach. If you had a $5000 a month budget here, you could rent a mansion on the lake with a dock. Our average  home price in Kootenai County is just over $300,000 while this isn’t cheap by any means, and is going even higher, it is still a bargain compared to some other parts of the country. You also have a much higher quality of life here and your money goes further.






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